Homeowner Association Management

Homeowner Association Management

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HOA Business Management
Financial Planning and Management
Homeowner Relations
Property Services
Property Operations

Resort Management Group is committed to providing outstanding homeowner association management services to our clients. Fully licensed by the State of Colorado as a Community Association Management Professional, we are also members in good standing of various trade organizations including Community Association Institute. With a seasoned staff of experienced professionals, we are ready to help board members lead their HOAs into good fiscal management and long-term planning in order to preserve their community’s property values for all of their members.

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Making the decision to change management companies can be intimidating for any Board member; however, if the services currently provided do not meet the needs of your community and association, it is time for a change.

RMG makes the transition process very easy on our Board members. Once an agreement is signed, we do all the work of transitioning accounting and association records, communicating with the owners, confirming compliance with all applicable legal association requirements, fully inspecting the property and ensuring an easy transition.

When a Board is ready to look at other management companies, they should prepare a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) to ensure all proposals received are consistent. Our goal is for associations and properties to prosper by developing, implementing, and maintaining a personalized, professional, and responsive management and operational organization. We like to work closely with the developer (if applicable), the Board of Directors, and the membership in order to protect the community’s assets and investments.

HOA Business Management

Our staff has thorough knowledge of the Association’s Declarations and Bylaws. We make sure we maintain, understand, and educate ownership as required. That includes enforcing rules and regulations. We know there is a lot to cover during HOA board meetings. That is why we facilitate and provide support to help ensure productive meetings by scheduling, creating agendas, and preparing supporting material in advance. We pride ourselves in being a company that offers leadership, support and guidance to the Board and all the owners.

You can count on us to maintain resolution and meeting minutes. We have an organized document and record keeping system with hard file and electronic copies available. Expect monthly property inspections and operation reports. With RMG, your concerns are identified and are open/in process by the 5th of each month, to the Board, with supporting photos and documentation. All property contracts, licenses, and government registrations are kept updated; along with compliance regarding federal, state and local laws, including the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) We will negotiate, recommend and place insurance coverage for your association.

Financial Planning and Management

RMG principles believe it is critical to the financial health of the association to assure the Board of Directors are fully informed on financial issues at all times. We work very closely with the Board of Directors of each association we manage, to ensure a complete understanding of the associations financial position. We will supervise investments with your bank, process payroll and payables, negotiate your insurance coverage, make certain all licenses and permits are current and provide timely information to the Directors. Working together, the Directors and management company can address all areas of concern and work towards implementing an overall plan that meets high standards and protects the investment made by all members of the Association.

Resort Management Group is very proud of the level of financial services we can provide to homeowner associations. We utilize ‘real’ financial systems, not just bookkeeping software. RMG will create the draft budget annually and include historical data comparisons, a month by month line item budget, notes to explain each line item, a detail of dues by line item and by unit, and a replacement reserve needs projection. The draft is given to the Board with plenty of time for review, input, and final approval. RMG will analyze each expense item included in the budget, and provide options and recommendations to the Board to help make more efficient use of the dues income stream.

RMG provides monthly financial statements, complete and accurately depicting the financial status of the association, with explanations of any major variances, no later than the 20 days after the end of the month. RMG shall establish and maintain in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, where applicable, an accurate and complete set of books and records, in chronological order, of receipts and disbursements of the HOA. RMG will establish and maintain accounts for each lot, including detail assessments levied against such lot, amounts paid, and amounts remaining unpaid. RMG will conduct all accounts receivable/collection activity on behalf of the association, manage HOA bank accounts and investments at BOD direction, and manage all accounts payables.  (Samples of our financial products can be provided upon request).

Management and administrative services are required to provide oversight and inspection to the operations. Management must have complete knowledge of the Declarations, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and any other documents of the association, and is required to promulgate, abide by, and enforce the intent of such documents throughout the entire community. Management also must provide easy access to allow owners to address all owners concerns and questions, and to regularly communicate any issues and other events that may have an effect on ownership. Management reports directly to the Board of Directors and provides most services related to the conduct of all meetings of the Board and ownership. Management is required to properly maintain all Association records as required by the Association documents and state law.  Annual taxes and any audits or reviews are done by an outside CPA firm.

Billing and Collections

RMG currently is responsible to for the collection of dues from nearly 6,000 owners. We bill accurately and timely, and offer ACH and credit card payment services to achieve the highest collection ratios. We know the importance of effective billing and collection practices. Our collections process, which has increased collection ratios substantially, has been developed and refined over many years. RMG has the capability to move your past due accounts through all stages of recovery from collections, to lien, and foreclosure.

Replacement Reserve Planning

Over the years, RMG has managed millions of dollars of renovations and refurbishments. Our expertise will now be yours. Planning for the future capital needs of your association is one of the most important aspects of a Board member’s responsibility and RMG is here to assist Board members through that planning. RMG will work with the Board of Directors to establish and maintain a refurbishing plan based on remaining useful life and replacement costs. We will also help you plan to establish the necessary reserves. RMG has the capability to handle all aspects of refurbishment and renovation and we will work hard to ensure your resort gets the biggest bang for your replacement reserve dollar. We are experienced in interior design and decorating and have the capability to negotiate the best product at the best price. We are adept at working within budget constraints and planning. We know how to care for your property both near term and long term.

Homeowner Relations

We are committed to providing outstanding services to our homeowners. We have a dedicated Owner Services department that is responsible for communicating news and information to our homeowners as well as assisting with their individual needs. A dedicated area on our website allows homeowners easy access to Association information including declarations, bylaws, rules and regulations, and recent meeting minutes. Information is also disseminated through owner newsletters as directed by the Board.

Our Owner Services department takes care of our owner’s individual needs. From answering questions, reviewing owner statements and handling a variety of other special requests, our Owner Services Department is here to better serve our owners.

  • 24/7 On Call Service
  • Provide Communication Avenues for Owners
  • Toll free number to Owner Services Department
  • Direct contact number for property manager/coordinator
  • Private email address for owners only, specific to property, with multi-staff distribution
  • Quick response to critical issues
  • Next business day response for all non-critical issues
  • Mass email communication to owner groups from management
  • Owner Newsletter
  • Quarterly Events, issues, notifications, policies, unit maintenance, property concerns, general property violations

Property Services

Some of our resort properties are stand alone, others are mixed use, and still others are mixed ownership. Each resort has distinct and unique characteristics and presents a different set of management challenges. Our teams experience in dealing with these challenges, and our diverse owner base, makes our service easily adaptable to your organization.

Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, and Project Management

Our maintenance staff is well trained and experienced in all aspects of property management. We operate a 7-day-a-week maintenance department with a technician available from 7am to 10pm daily, at our Mountainside location.  RMG also maintains a 24/7 “Manager on Duty” (MOD) program to provide for any after hours needs.  We use an appropriate 3 bid process, drawing from the resources and talent in Grand County, and Denver, if necessary, with whom we have had positive experiences over our many years of property management in Grand County.

Maintenance services include snow removal, landscape and grounds maintenance, basic plumbing, electrical, and mechanical services, cleaning services, spa and hot tub services, and many other types of maintenance and cleaning. These property operations costs are either already in the operating budget of the association or would have to be approved as separate items by the Board of Directors. At the approval of the Board, we can also provide project management services that would encompass special and capital projects only as approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Preserve and Enhance Common Property, Meet the Needs of Owners and Guests, and Reduce Injury and Liability
  • Identify and develop efficient property specific maintenance programs and controls
  • Preventative  maintenance
  • Establish HOA Component List to Include All Physical Assets of HOA
  • Safety programs – smoke detector, fire sprinkler, CO2 detectors
  • Establish emergency preparedness and response protocol program
  • Risk management programs – walkways, stairs, hallways, fireplaces, identify and remove hazards
  • Mechanical  – elevator, boiler, heat, pool, hot tub
  • General maintenance – roofs, exterior surfaces and components, interior common area, concrete, asphalt, landscaping
  • Routine and scheduled maintenance and cleanliness
  • Amenities – pool, hot tubs, athletic facility
  • Interior common areas, lounges, walkways, stairwells as needed
  • Exterior walkways, stairwells, grounds, roofs, decks
  • Conduct regular property inspections
  • Annual/Semi-annual with Board of Directors
  • Create inspection check lists and inspection reports
  • Identify issues for improvement, repair, replacement and cost savings
  • Identify violations of the rules and regs and ensure resolution

Property Operations

Day-to-day operations determine how your property is perceived by your owners and guests, and is critical to its continued growth and success. First, we will need to get to know your Board and understand your goals and objectives. Once established, we will then develop an operating plan to meet your Association’s, and property’s, specific needs. It is essential that the property look sharp, clean and well maintained, and that our staff projects a customer oriented attitude. Frequent communication with property staff and the Board of Directors ensure that the objectives are being met.

RMG will develop customized management policies and reports, and will conduct periodic reviews of operations to ensure that all policies are in place and being followed. Property management is the foundation of any credible management company. Each property is assigned a dedicated team that diligently applies sound property management principles, practices and systems that have been tested and evaluated over many years. This dedication culminates in meeting and exceeding the expectations of the owners, guests, and associates.

Maintenance and Housekeeping Services

We are a full service management company with in house Maintenance and Housekeeping Departments available to meet the needs of our homeowner association properties.  Services are also available on an “a la carte” basis for private owners such as hot tub maintenance.  We have Certified Pool Operators on staff that can manage everything from large pools to private hot tubs. Our maintenance teams have the tools necessary to manage every size community association from daily or weekly onsite visits to managing vendors to working within an association’s budget to accomplish the goals of the community.  RMG employees go through background checks and are covered by workmen’s compensation insurance. This is an important consideration when comparing companies and prices.